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Container type room - green construction Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-16

now many projects, especially in the 'the project of the enterprise, more and more in the living area and office area start to use the container type room instead of the prefabricated houses compared with the traditional prefabricated houses, container type room advantage: ( 1) Eliminate repetitive decoration ( Ceiling and ground) Cost, inner decoration and integral hoisting box body; ( 2) To speed up the time limit for a project, living area, office area construction time. Finish after container type room in the foundation, can hoisting installation; ( 3) At the beginning of the project starts, when ordinary prefabricated houses building, the site does not have office accommodation, generally outside rental office accommodations. Container type can be directly used in office, during doing basic savings just starts when the rent house Clinton fee; ( 4) Reduce the desk handling times and handling costs ( The disassembling type desk handling damage rate is larger) , with the integral lifting; ( 5) To reduce the wiring inside the room wear, lamps and lanterns, air conditioning installation materials and artificial cost; ( 6) Overall appearance beautiful and easy, more reveal corporate image; ( 7) Conform to the requirements of the standardization, the assembly, energy conservation and emission reduction, green construction of shandong national mobile integration villa house custom container buildings, residential, container, Wooden villa, the light steel villa) , motel, tourist scenic spots, mobile public toilets catering accommodation, hotels, clubs, exhibition halls, galleries, camp, rv camp, sales offices, shops, cafes, shopping street, comprehensive office building, planning, design, customization, transportation, installation and after-sale one-stop service, short construction period, portable, green environmental protection and energy saving.

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