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Container use which materials need to fire prevention

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
Fire one container use which materials need

container living people, is a type of prefabricated houses. This kind of living people container is given priority to with site lease for workers to dwell in, there are also some private rent and buy. Should pay attention to fire prevention is the construction site often happen, if you are using a container trailer is bubble choi steel, so pay attention to the fire.

1。 Please don't close to the wall in welding construction

2. Winter heating stove should be equipped with fire protection device

3. Need to make waterproof processing container houses, it is strictly prohibited in the building materials using a blowtorch

4. Indoor cable should be used when the metal tube, should be reliable grounding or using refractory tube. Need through the wall also should add casing protection;

as far as possible on the ground with choi steel container house due to weight lighter than the steel structure, in case of an 8 winds, may be the wind, the possible danger, search activity book proposal, in the use of choi steel container should be like structures, caigang room, have a fixed at the bottom of the device. In inland areas is not serious, but in China's coastal cities, often suffer from typhoon, container trailer trailer must be fixed.

banned three layer superposition we often see on the site, there are three layers of caigang houses, but for choi steel container house, because quality is light, really three container stack together, may have great potential safety hazard.
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