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Container villa interior design

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
Container villa interior design

container full use of renewable, recycled building materials industry, simple and beautiful appearance, environmental protection and energy saving. Internal facilities, can be contracted decorate can luxury can customize according to customer's requirements. According to customer requirements of supply air conditioning, water heater equipment, office equipment, hotel equipment, toilet, kitchen equipment, etc.

( 1) Of container house inside palisade structure heat preservation design should take into account the palisade structure inside adornment design, strive for the integration of thermal insulation materials and inner decoration materials to decorate, in decorating a process of standardization, industrialization, improve the labor productivity of interior decoration, interior decoration quality and level of ascension. In the process of multimodal transport, container house by lifting, inserts for shipment, stacking and other assignments as well as the sea and land transport bumps and vibrations, and many other factors, casing deformation inevitably. In decorative materials and its joint to prevent cracking, adornment material within appropriate USES vertical and horizontal bending modulus of high toughness of decorative materials and to a certain extent, may not be directly decorated with brittle materials, such as ceramic tile cover and stone cover, etc. In decorating plate joint appropriate USES bright or layering processing, if you need seamless processing, should be in strict accordance with the sealing process, choose has high since the bonding ability and strength, a certain toughness and good performance of construction joint glue and seams. ( 2) Activity room metope pensile clog, or need to be fixed on the ceiling or should embed plate on the enclosure. ( 3) Insulation design should ensure that no condensation on the inner surface, the inner surface temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of indoor air. Condensation will make inside palisade structure surface damp, mildew to change, even worse indoor sanitation. Insulation envelope of dew point location is near the wall inside the surface structure of the cold, Hot) Bridge site, due to the temperature difference between inside and outside of these areas is too often produce condensation phenomenon. Cold, heat preservation should be avoided in the design of structure ( Hot) The existence of the bridge. Is China's first first container brand's largest living people, is also China's most powerful brand, as a replacement for prefabricated houses, to provide customers with the best products and best service.
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