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Container what other USES

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
Live one container what other USES

a lot of people to live a container impression people stay on the only practical with live? In fact is not, then talk about the container house use for small make up.

1, the construction site of high-end demand for overlay products, such as engineering project office, residential buildings, meeting rooms, etc. ; 2, the construction site by site restrictions, can install box type combination room products; 3, field operation room; Such as: field exploration and construction of mobile office, dormitory, etc. ;

4, emergency room; Such as: junshi mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, etc.

a whole series of building strong adaptability to the environment, easy installation, can be a lot as a high-grade required temporary office, accommodation, integral kitchen, bathroom and other purposes.

what are the other USES live one container? 5, container room can be used for temporary warehouse, if the factory sometimes when suddenly received a large order, warehouse no enough so you can also use as a temporary warehouse, can at any time to return, very flexible and convenient. 6, container room can be used to bring their own ark of loading for export, if use own ark with cargo export, is don't need to do a separate declaration, which is equivalent to using the cabinet of the shipping company for customs clearance. 7, container house also can be used to after modified, as a trailer or is intended for use as office. Because second-hand container is more capacious, also very strong, generally outside the paint is who use the sea corrosion paint, so to be able to use in 8, container room can also serve as the permanent or is used as a temporary cargo van use, on the platform car use very appropriate.
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