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Containers module room need to pay attention to several questions before the choose and buy

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
Container module room need to pay attention to several questions before the choose and buy

today we together about container module room selection when several problems should be considered.

container module will house consider when leaking problem, rain weather rainy area are frequent, moisten the earth at the same time also brought a lot of inconvenience to people's life and work, live and work in many construction workers are influenced by a lot. Only in the heavy rain weather to cease to rest, engineering will be affected by a lot of progress.

living person of container house roofs and walls made of various materials joining together and become, not a whole, such a structure, cracks in the joint will have also left a hidden danger to rain infiltration. Generally people on these cracks on waterproof sealant used for sealing, reduce the probability of rain infiltration. Sealant is usually finished assembly at the scene to daub, if rain weather need to daub, in case to prevent sealant failure because of rain. For living people of container house, all of these processes to finish in the factory, the maximum guarantee the integrity of the sealant, better guarantee of container trailer waterproof performance.

second when choosing container module room first consider a problem is the terrain environment, if it is plain region is what problem, if the terrain is steep, I suggest let's give up this container module room, because of the weight of reason, worried about losing their center of gravity balance and pose a safety hazard, this kind of situation we still put safety as the top.

there are issue to consider is the air flow, if the ventilation requirements higher, I suggest or give up this container module room, because the container house enclosed stronger if the air flow is higher can choose to give up,

this is with all of you to consider a few questions, if you have any questions can click our website consultation, also can call our company's web site.

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