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Control the cost of prefabricated housing enterprises to develop further

by:Lida Group     2020-07-06
Prefabricated housing enterprises engaged in production and business operation is the purpose of profit, now most corporate profits are small and difficult to achieve rapid expansion, not a low cost operation will be difficult to survive. Money is too important for an enterprise, sufficient funds can ensure enterprises have no trouble back at home. But for a fledgling enterprise, although said that the early capital is relatively abundant, but for future long-term development, must control the cost, to make the enterprise in the face of the financial problem is not so panic. Cost control goal is to continuously reduce cost and obtain more profits, prefabricated houses set goals cost should be considered when the enterprise's profit target, at the same time considering the selling price competition. Due to the cost in the process of the whole production cost, in every link, every thing happen, every activity, therefore, to target cost layers of decomposition to each department and even individuals. Over the years, has been in each link strict control costs, make enterprise development is getting better and better, stronger and stronger. Capital operation to achieve a live, fast, save & throughout; 。 Strengthen existing fund management, optimize the distribution of funds, according to capital flows in the node, reasonable arrangement of operating, investment and financing, efforts to improve the efficiency of the time value of money and the use. Strictly control construction project funds, at the same time establish money tracking key projects management mechanism, to ensure that the investment of time and the node match the amount, the investment structure. Pay attention to strengthening the debt management, adhere to the long bond of short-term debt, cheap buy higher-yielding & throughout; To further reduce the interest-bearing debt ratio and financial costs. Is the enterprise strategic layout on the main business sector, regional distribution, economic disposal etc. The comprehensive planning and arrangement of things. In economics, which is for the company's overall development is a reasonable, long-term planning, layout is the optimal allocation of resources in space. This would require the enterprise have a layout of the development of the state and awareness, and layout coordination function, efficiency function into full play. In short, the enterprise want to in the fierce competition in the market for long-term development, you need to guarantee sufficient funds, control operating costs, to go further on the road to development.
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