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Defects of steel structure workshop

by:Lida Group     2022-02-23

Defects of steel structure workshop

Defects in steel structure engineering of modern construction industry in my country. The steel structure has been adopted by many enterprises in the construction industry, but most of them implement the steel structure in the new construction industry in order to optimize the structure, save resources, and recycle. There are also many defects and safety hazards in the steel structure workshop. In steel structure enterprises, most business owners focus on promoting the advantages of steel structure and ignore the hidden dangers of defects and safety. Analysis of quality problems in steel structure engineering; there are many reasons why the quality of steel structure engineering is difficult to guarantee, and they are very complicated, including problems caused by improper process, problems caused by violation of process operation, and technical level and responsibility of construction personnel. The problems caused by the heart, and the quality problems caused by the mistakes of the decision makers.

(1) Problems with the steel itself

A unit is processing 1200*1200*60 boxes of a building When forming the column, it was suddenly found that the 60mm thick plate used as the web was torn during the welding process. The cracks were clearly visible to the naked eye and divided the plate into two halves from the thickness direction. After NDT testing, it was found that the depth of the crack occurred at a depth of about 3mm. At the same time, the parts cut from several other plates of the same type and batch number were tested, and it was found that there were interlayers in the plates, and the poor rolling quality was the main reason for the quality problem.

During the welding process, the material of the interlayer is pulled apart due to the welding stress generated by the welding. As a result, the phenomenon that the thick plate is torn along the thickness direction. Reason analysis: Due to the particularity of the use site, this part is used as a web in the component, and the parts welded in the longitudinal and vertical directions are fully open in the welding form. For a stiff plate with a penetration groove, due to the delamination inside the plate, the welding stress generated by welding is released outwards and the plate is torn along the thickness direction. The following measures can be taken according to the actual situation:

(1) A large number of interlayers in the steel are quality problems caused by the steel mill itself during the rolling process , has exceeded the requirements of domestic standards, you can ask the steel mill to send someone to verify, negotiate with the steel mill to return or exchange the price of the steel structure workshop;

(2) If the number of interlayers is small, the technical department and the owner can be consulted, the information can be fed back to the steel mill, and construction remedial measures can be taken for the problems that arise. The depth of its own, and then fill it with equal-strength welding materials. After the completion, the surface is treated, and NDT testing is performed after the specified time. At the same time, the same components are sampled for physical and chemical testing, and can continue to be used if they meet the requirements of the design specification;

(3) Under the witness of the supervisor, cut off the parts and replace them with plates that meet the conditions. The replaced parts are used for non-load-bearing and non-important parts or as auxiliary parts. After the material is used, the NDT test is carried out after the specified time, and the price of the steel structure workshop is recorded.

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