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Designed by two shipping containers eco-friendly container houses

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
Designed by two shipping containers eco-friendly container house

how do you imagine a what it's like to be made by the shipping container house? May be a bit like an impromptu space, without any real structure, without a clear design. You can't wrong again. As we have to show you, by the two transport container design of ecological environmental protection is how it is hard to believe!

in this case, a perfect example of this house. It is based on two recycling container, it is a lovely single living space. This is savannah project, led to the contemporary green home and interior is not very likeable and comfortable buildings.

there are two 3. 7 square meter container, house located in savannah, it is a simple single building green design. Flexible residence is quite suitable for a couple, because it provides what they need, they need the lowest budget.

is the entrance to the house by a sliding glass doors on between the two blue steel container. There is even a elevated terrace by the local timber invite you inside.

internal more open than you expected. There are several partitions, details may be due to the fact that most of the edge of the container is cut off. Therefore, in you find an open and comfortable living space, including the dining-room and kitchen with a visit to a balcony outside.

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