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Detailed explanation of the selection method of manufacturing materials for container prefabs

by:Lida Group     2022-02-15

The container house is mainly composed of freight containers. As a ready-made building material, the door and window openings are directly opened on the container house, and thermal insulation materials are added to the inner layer. The container prefab is divided into two to four parts and assembled from scratch according to the requirements of the standard container for transportation. It only needs to be transported from the factory to the site and placed on a flat site to become the finished house. It can also be stacked and installed, and after the stacked layers are fixed, a multi-storey building is formed.

The structure of the container prefab also has the advantages of excellent air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance and shock resistance. This kind of prefab container has been developed and developed in recent years, and it has developed rapidly. Broad market prospects.

Standard parameters of container prefab house: double-layer thermal insulation, fine interior decoration. It is the most common type of container activity with high cost performance on the market. The room has been greatly improved in terms of design parameters such as wind resistance, earthquake resistance, snow pressure resistance, and thermal insulation and noise reduction compared with traditional prefab container containers. .
Standard size: 6 meters-12 meters long, 2.4-5 meters wide, 2.6-2.9 meters high. The application area is about 10-50 square meters. Forklifts or cranes can be selected for overall loading and unloading, which is very convenient for transportation without disassembly and ground foundation. The steel frame is galvanized or rust-proof, and the service life can reach more than 15 years.
Interior decoration: central insulation, the insulation material is rock wool, and the thickness of the insulation layer is 500mm-75mm. Safe selection of materials, fire protection and heat preservation, optional paint color decoration, strong personalization, 15mm thick wooden board base, optional decorative floor leather or composite wood floor, structural ceiling, strong and durable.
There is nothing special about the manufacturing materials of general container prefabs. It is a simple board synthesized by organic compounds. This means that there is no special function for making general boards, and the thermal insulation is relatively poor. It is simple. There are materials for making prefab houses.
Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of disassembled prefabricated houses with many years of experience. Since its entry into the temporary construction industry, relying on the market's demand for temporary construction housing, and relying on its own advantages and rich experience, it has risen rapidly in the temporary construction housing industry, and has developed into a production, sales, design, installation, and after-sales service. integrated enterprise.
Integrated Housing Co., Ltd.'s main products include color steel composite housing series, magnesium-phosphorus composite housing series and iron frame beds for workers matching with prefabricated houses, and undertake the leasing, disassembly, reorganization, and storage of various special-shaped prefabricated houses. At the same time, it also supports the production and operation of various light building materials such as magnesium-phosphorus board, color steel sandwich panel, single-layer color tile, PU foam tile, large wave tile, angle iron and C-shaped steel.
Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. products are widely used in construction, railways, highways, factories and enterprises, water conservancy, petroleum, tourism and military and various temporary buildings in cities. The product achieves good repeated disassembly and assembly performance, and also ensures the superior performance of the house. Product performance quality and after-sales service have been highly praised by users. In addition to being sold in the domestic market, the products are also exported to foreign countries in recent years, such as North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. In order to understand the needs of users at any time, the company has established a complete sales network and service base in Dongguan, Shantou, Shanwei, Nanchang, Taiyuan, Nanning, Liuzhou, Changsha and other places. All staff of
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