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Details about the process of prefabricated houses cooperation - Prefabricated houses prefabricated housing factory prefabricated housing prices

by:Lida Group     2020-11-08
Release time: 2013 - 07 - From: http://www. related information. Prefabricated houses in building construction, in accordance with the provisions of the first time, quantity and the completion of the contract, in accordance with the requirements of the contract to meet the requirements of the owner. Second before construction scaffolding, manufacturers should consult with the owner, to determine a practical solution, and then to carry on the design and installation, and subject to the owner on site supervision. When problems occur in the construction, if the manufacturer within one year free maintenance by manufacturer, and the installation of safety accidents shall be the responsibility of the contractor. The above is the whole cooperation process of prefabricated houses, in the process of construction, about the owner of prefabricated house construction of the party and the responsibility of subsidiary, is also a good cooperation.
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