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Discuss how many types of container trailer?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-13
The container trailer also known as container house, container house. Transformation is in container as the basic material of house, the current domestic container trailer most visible on the site and generally as a workers' dormitory. Because of container house is not only convenient to build, and is very strong and durable. How many types of container house? One: general container housing such types of containers are generally for general construction site, the workers live in key chosen is channel steel, square steel, as a framework, metope chooses two sides caigang sandwich board, bearing force of the house key is by poling around, and six metres square steel welding welding stud system support. 2: all tin container room are usually on the construction site common container houses are made by full tin welding welded together, the appearance of this kind of container house house design and the shipping container shipping industry, is a door and window. Many construction sites are love converted shipping containers in order to develop the choose and buy a house. Three: folding container house by folding in recent years began to popular container house, originally comes from overseas, China's most folding house are all imported from the basically follow and its improvement of products, so the choose and buy folding container room or have a lot of advantages. 4: export container houses export container transport, when a home is more appropriate export in China over the past two years the construction above is used to decorate project unit special office of the company. Five: container type of single-family villas are usually all through private custom container villa, there are many areas of China at present stage are chose shipping containers for single-family villas, hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, etc.
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