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- discuss the prefabricated houses on the market price trend Discuss the prefabricated houses on the market price trend

by:Lida Group     2020-11-15
Time: 2013 05 - 18 source: WWW. Guangzhou shack! Guangzhou housing as the dormitory of construction engineering and disaster area, facing the fierce competition in the market, the price on the market trend, and guangzhou is the housing price growth in the country put forward to advocate environmental protection equipment began to rise, some merchants prices unchanged, but the quality is changed, in today's society who can do to this business, consumers to understand, the growth of the price is not according to one of the two, market prices have changed significantly, if the price remains the same although is good, but the quality should be more understanding, here small make up remind everybody, the price is on the other hand, but the most important still is to pay attention to the quality of housing in guangzhou.
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