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Discuss the standard of housing architectural design what kind of? - Shack, trailer, houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-16
Small make up today and we discuss about the architectural design of guangdong houses, houses are prefabricated houses, is composed of light steel keel skeleton for mobile homes, around our houses and the existence of many, the most in use is the site, to provide temporary housing for the workers, the construction site will loan a lot of houses, as temporary residence residence, housing must satisfy the general the function of the building, due to the guangdong houses is unified in the production of wholesale, so have certain standards in production, for the standard, let us to discuss carefully. ( 1) First talk about the architecture design for instructions, the houses should adopt double slope roof, the ratio of slope is I = 1, free fall; ( 2) The housing standard module design is subject of a K = 1820 mm, with metal surface rock wool sandwich panel for the partition wall board, use transverse socket connection; ( 3) Shack is thick foam plate roofing material, surface, blue thick foam plate thickness of 50 mm, of the wood plywood floor plate, its thickness is 15 mm; ( 4) With thick foam sandwich board as wall material, the thickness of 50 mm, inside and outside all is white and gray color, using vertical socket connection; ( 5) For the caigang pressure parts in window edge, roof and gable package edge materials, its color is blue; ( 6) Guangdong boarding door is steel sheet is to open the door, the window is model steel window of push-pull, white glass; ( 7) Even the seam seal for the housing components adopt structures, for the other tiny adopt silicone weathering sealant plugging. Visit our official website to know more details: http://www. Gzkeda。 cn/
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