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Do you know what is the material of container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-06-28
Take you understand the material of container trailer structure

nowadays, the rapid development of construction industry to drive the development of the temporary housing, houses of container at the construction site activities, container prefabricated houses, etc.

as the market demand is big, many places have a lot of new active side factory, container trailer factory. In temporary housing choice, container house high cost performance of all steel structure, choi steel container, caigang houses more popular.

at present, our country already has a lot of enterprises manufacturing all steel structure of container trailer, such as container trailer.

the following with you to understand the material container trailer structure:

1, norms diversity, such as enterprise, H type, corrugated, etc. , and bright color, do not need to surface decoration.

2, convenient installation, color steel composite board is not only a large number of reducing construction cost of engineering and the basis of structural engineering, and can tear open outfit for many times, convenient installation and comprehensive benefit is significant.

3, fire prevention, choi steel core material for B1 level flame retardant material, its oxygen index 26, or burning won't melt, and there is no smoke, no high temperature decomposition dripping. For China's high-grade decorative composite plate for construction, GMP workshop is the preferred decorative plates.

4, using temperature range, choi steel core material in - use temperature 70 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃, and instantly up to + 200 ℃, in low temperature and ultra-low temperature environment when using narrow, is not brittle, cryogenic ( Cold storage) The ideal insulation engineering.

5, low thermal conductivity, λ< = 0. 041w/mk) Insulation, heat insulation performance. Shed trailer 6, avirulent insipidity, choi steel core material without CFC foaming agent, burning non-toxic tasteless, overflow of gas are harmless to the human body and the environment, accord with national environmental requirements, is a new type of green environmental protection building materials.

7, waterproof and wet: choi steel core material belongs to organic polymer foaming material, its structure is a closed groove, has good resistance to water and water vapor permeability.

8, light weight, Is 1/20 ~ 1/30) the weight of the concrete roof Heat preservation and heat insulation, ( The coefficient of thermal conductivity value is 0. 034W/mk) , construction speed is quick, No wet homework, do not do second decoration, construction period can be reduced more than 40%) , bright color, Without surface decoration, color retention period in 15 - galvanized steel anti-corrosion layer 30 years) Characteristic, is a set of bearing, thermal insulation, waterproof, decorate in the integration of new enclosure structure material.

container houses on fire performance of all steel structure have good expressive, made of all steel container trailer is big, the weight of the firm.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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