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Do you really know light steel villas? Five misunderstandings of light steel villas

by:Lida Group     2022-01-20

Misunderstanding 1: Light steel villas only represent one kind of house
Compared with traditional brick-concrete structures, light steel villas are different from traditional houses in the following points : 1. The selection of materials is different. The materials for new houses are mainly energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, such as anti-corrosion steel, gypsum board, OSB board, heat-insulating environmental protection materials, etc.; 2. The construction methods are different, and the building materials of new houses are produced in factories 3. Different performance, new houses generally have good comfort and safety, and many performances are not available in traditional houses. There are many types of new houses, led by the well-known light steel structure houses. Light steel houses have a wide range of adaptability and can be used in the north and south, and light steel houses are also very safe and comfortable. Misunderstanding 2: Light steel villas are only for the rich
Light steel villas are very beautiful, so many people equate light steel villas with suburban villas, thinking that this is the exclusive privilege of the rich, and ordinary people simply cannot afford them. The main reason for the high price of suburban villas is the high land price, large area and high construction cost, while the construction cost of light steel villas is not high. Ordinary farmers build houses on the homestead with a small area, so there is no problem of land price, so they choose to build light steel villas. The price of villas is actually acceptable, considering the economical cost and the cost of traditional houses are not much different. Light steel villas have been in China for more than 20 years. Due to various reasons, they have not been widely promoted. For many ordinary people, they are still a new thing. Misunderstanding 3: Light steel villas are earthquake-resistant resettlement houses
When we know light-steel villas, we associate them more with earthquake-resistant resettlement houses. This is because light steel villas are often promoted to disaster-stricken areas as a kind of safe and reliable housing. The earthquake-prone areas have high earthquake resistance requirements. Therefore, some light-steel villa manufacturers cooperate with the earthquake area government to use light-steel villas as resettlement houses in disaster areas. In fact, this just happens to show that the light steel villa has good safety and is generally recognized by everyone, so the light steel villa is suitable for the needs of ordinary people to build houses. Misunderstanding 4: Light steel villas are only suitable for low-rise buildings
Light steel villas are usually 2-story villas. In fact, light steel houses can be built with up to 6 floors. The safety performance is not compromised, and all requirements meet the national requirements. The requirements of relevant standards can play a role in the process of urbanization. Common light steel structure houses are within three floors. If you need to build higher, you can choose a combination of ordinary steel/heavy steel structure to meet different housing needs. Misunderstanding 5: Light steel villas are prefabricated houses
There are many similarities between prefabricated houses and light steel villas, such as being produced in a factory and then transported to the site for assembly, fast construction, flexible and movable, and so on. However, there are fundamental differences between light steel villas and prefab houses: light steel villas have independent load-bearing structures, with thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and other properties, safe, comfortable, beautiful, long service life, have a variety of uses, suitable for long-term use. The lifespan of light steel villas can reach 100 years. It can be seen that the light steel villa and the prefab house are two completely different concepts

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