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Do you want to put forward these problems about prefabricated houses all summary - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
Prefabricated houses in the use of the site is very common, because of prefabricated houses convenient installation, mobile convenience, environmental protection and efficient, the most important thing is practical, low price. This article summarizes the you want to know about the problem of prefabricated houses. A: prefabricated housing installation steps? 1, want to find a flat around the location of the column head, use across the beam into the skeleton diagram; 2, spread wooden floor, then install Windows, the choose and buy bathroom sanitary ware, hardware accessories, etc. ; 3, because prefabricated house decorate concealed engineering is refers to in the whole construction process, for on one process, will be under cover, a technological process is completed is unable to carry out testing position, decorate 'take cover engineering' is important, therefore, if decorate 'take cover engineering' not ascend, surface decoration design more good-looking, are all in vain. 2: prefabricated houses with pay attention to? This close to the room after the installation is best, the user changes the structure will not be accepted, to remove each component alone, improve or lonely, if say a certain change, should negotiate with the manufacturer is willing to suitability is adjustable. Another connection, prefabricated houses are steel parts whole customer decorates a design of electricity lighting lamps and lanterns, the cable can't immediately strapping on a steel frame structure, the need for line pipe or wire slot protective suits, to prevent electric shock accident. Light steel structure should be 1 - 2 years maintenance paint time, in order to increase the product life and maintain the beauty is generous. Three: prefabricated house need how much price? 1, simple mobile key is light steel structure such as skeletons and caigang sandwich board create and into the house, can save time and effort in assembling and disassembling, to a certain level to maintain the basic commonality standardization of the construction of the temporary, shaped the basic construction energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient and efficient core idea, take approximately in the middle of the 110 to 120 yuan per square metre. 2, prefabricated houses, container type of relativity for simple style, the similar houses cost will be high many, a container buildings around several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of pieces of money, and even some of container house cost more than 2000 yuan per square metre. Container type prefabricated house cost is expensive, but can rent, margin in 8000, if not destroy customized prefabricated houses, daily rent 3 pieces.
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