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Economy into a 'new normal' prefabricated housing enterprises go from here?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-03
development of enterprise, with the development of China's economy into a new normal & throughout; , with about 10% in the past years the rapid growth of basic farewell, especially on the development of various industries enterprise transformation and upgrading will have a significant impact. In this environment, prefabricated housing enterprises go from here? Throughout industry entered a new normal &; At present, the industry has entered a new normal & throughout; , the new normal, people return to rational consumption, and the demand is higher and higher, the enterprises feel more and more difficult to make money, market competition mechanism is relatively reasonable. Along with the development of Internet technology, has brought the change of the new sales approach, platform, to extend the vitality of the new normal, because the informationization development let consumers more convenient, easier to understand business and products, with the fool and deceive consumers previously are ineffective, forcing firms to honestly make a perfect product, the service to do. Enterprise management ability to comprehensive and balanced development of the modern enterprise management ability needs comprehensive and balanced development, this is the most basic key element of the enterprise, this is unchangeable truth under the new normal. As the change of market environment, didn't pay attention to the system and the basic system construction, the product competitiveness, the enterprise management efficiency, etc. , there is no market, consumer oriented and fosters the talent, these are the reason of problems today. Modern enterprise management is a systematic project, cannot depend on a particular aspect of advantage long-term success. Wooden barrel theory & throughout; Illustrates the enterprise's success depends on not advantage, but the enterprise the shortest board, from this perspective, many enterprises in the course of years of development, concealed by the so-called good performance and good market returns, can not see their own short board and contradiction. The development of the enterprise to have a strategic vision enterprise's development to have a strategic vision, not a stumbling block to success today become tomorrow. Many enterprises have made great success before, to change, if not actively follow market adjustment, not to innovation, will be eliminated. From this perspective, the enterprise must keep pace with The Times, constantly innovation, change, and negative ego, dare to overturn self, in this way can a new lease on life, not in accordance with past practice, same don't indulge in the past achievements, otherwise it is doomed to be failure. Changes in the market, enterprises should also follow change, want to have a more long-term view to operate, not to pursue short-term interests and benefits. Today's pay is preparing for tomorrow, but many enterprises don't see that, too impetuous, short-sighted. Not just industry, other industries in China have this common fault & throughout; , the big international brand is relatively better. In the industry, is still in its infancy, the extensive stage, the company's operations, and institutionalized management, talent mechanism, etc have myopia. In short, in the process of industry ongoing, some enterprises to stand out, some enterprises from now on, all of this is the inevitable outcome of the development of industry, delays are dangerous, the enterprise needs to keep pace with The Times, enhance their own strength, can not be eliminated.
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