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Eight big reason analysis of prefabricated houses are leaky

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
1, the prefabricated house construction waterproof materials in the process of selection of unreasonable and aging and so on. 2, the key node location construction sloppy. Out of roof of pipeline, vent root wall hole is lax, waterproof layer the water height is not enough. Construction in the rain, exhaust slot plug, vent set unreasonable, insulation layer caused by long-term immersion. 3, prefabricated houses using unqualified in the process of building materials, construction of optional the gender is big, not strictly in accordance with the requirements of construction specification operation. 4, on the prefabricated houses panel opening, installation of various kinds of cracks around the fan, exhaust pipes and so on waterproof disposal owe good; Prefabricated houses in the process of using because of the influence of the external conditions, wind load and snow load, heat bilges cold shrink deformation of roof panel of the, forming it crack extension, destroyed the original waterproof treatment and leaking. 5, activity board house panel due to span is too large, roof plate it, install it is often difficult to reach the standard design theory, lead to leak. 6, in the process of installation of prefabricated houses for already installed choi steel does not pay attention to protect, optional trample roofing, destroyed the roof of the flatness. 7, prefabricated houses cullis transverse slope, gutter water mouth design unreasonable conditions encountered heavy rain formed when installed inside the water out into the gutter rone return water; In construction of prefabricated houses in roof gutter anticorrosion does not reach the designated position, cause cullis rust erosion, or dross condition infarction water mouth and so on, are able to form leaking or the status of the return water attack. Prefabricated houses cullis transverse slope, when installation should keep a certain slope, at least 0. 5%. Installed it, welding, welding cracks, slag inclusion or not for corrosion protection. 8, prefabricated houses and the device using the process prone to stampede cause fasteners loose roof. Fasteners, waterproof pad aging from fasteners such as leaking. When leakage happens to prefabricated houses had better let professional manufacturers repair, in order to ensure prefabricated houses in after normal use.
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