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Eight reasons why the prefab house will leak

by:Lida Group     2022-01-27

1. Unreasonable selection of waterproof materials and aging in the construction process of prefab house. 2. The construction of key nodes is sloppy. The pipes and vents extending out of the roof are not tightly blocked at the root, and the flooding height of the waterproof layer is not enough. In case of rain during the construction of the insulation layer, the exhaust slot is blocked, and the setting of the exhaust holes is unreasonable, causing the insulation layer to be flooded for a long time. 3. Unqualified materials are used in the construction process of the prefab house, and the construction is random, and the operation is not strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction specifications. 4. Open holes on the panel of the prefab house, and install various types of fans, exhaust pipes, etc. around the cracks, and the waterproof treatment is not good; the prefab house is in use due to the influence of external conditions, wind load, snow load, thermal expansion. Cold shrinkage and other forms of deformation of the roof panel, resulting in the expansion of cracks at the lap joints, destroying the original waterproof treatment and showing water leakage. 5. Due to the large span of the movable panel house panel and the overlapping of the roof panel, the installation is often difficult to meet the design theoretical standard, resulting in rain leakage. 6. In the process of installing the prefab house, the color steel plate that has been installed is not protected, and the roof is trampled at will, which destroys the flatness of the roof. 7. There is no horizontal slope in the gutter of the prefab house, and the gutter sluice design is unreasonable. In the event of heavy rain, the gutter water can not be discharged to the gutter and return water to the gutter; the gutter is anti-corrosion during construction of the prefab house. If it is not in place, it will lead to rust and erosion of the gutter, or scum and other conditions such as clogging the water inlet, etc., which may cause water leakage or water backflow. The gutter of the prefab house has no horizontal slope, and a certain slope should be reserved during installation, at least 0.5%. At the lap joint of the gutter, there are gaps in the welding, leakage welding, slag inclusion or no anti-corrosion. 8. The trampling of the roof during the installation and use of the prefab house will lead to the loosening of the fasteners. The aging of the waterproof gasket of the fasteners causes water leakage at the fasteners. When there is water leakage in the prefab house, it is best to let the professional manufacturer repair it to ensure the normal use of the prefab house in the future.

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