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Elements of the steel structure of the workshop

by:Lida Group     2022-01-28

Steel structure is a new type of structure developed from building materials, which includes all steel structures used under flat roofs. Compared with general steel structures, it has a good economic advantage. The light steel structure is not only light in weight, saves the use of stainless steel plates, and has a faster construction speed, but also has a very strong seismic grade work ability, and can improve the comprehensive seismic grade characteristics of the house. a construct. Today, I will introduce the composition of the steel structure workshop to everyone. The steel structure workshop is composed of raft foundation, column, steel purlin, face and wall. 1. The use of a flat roof can not only reduce the cross-sectional specifications of the columns and beams, but also relatively reduce them.
2. In multi-span engineering buildings, a large double-slope roof with a ridge can be made, creating a standard for long-slope drainage pipes. Setting the middle column can reduce the span of the load-bearing beam, thereby reducing the project cost. The middle column is a left and right hinged swing column made of seamless steel pipe, which occupies a small indoor space. 3. The lateral bending rigidity of the rigid frame is ensured by the support points of the steel purlins, which saves the vertical rigidity prefabricated member and reduces the overall width of the flange.
4. The rigid frame can adopt variable cross-section, and the cross-section is proportional to the bending distance; when the cross-section is variable, the height-to-width ratio and thickness of the web and the total width of the flange can be changed as necessary to ensure the best use of the material. 5. The web of the rigid frame can be designed according to a reasonable overall width, that is, a part of the web can be allowed to be unbalanced, and its compressive strength after buckling can be used.
6. The longitudinal load is generally the manipulation load of the design scheme, but when the wind load is large or the house is high, the effect of the wind load cannot be ignored. In the light and flat roof door frame frame, the earthquake disaster effect is generally not the control effect. 7. The support point can be made lighter. Connect it to the web immediately or with a horizontal connection point plate, and tightened round steel can be used.
8. The structural prefabricated components of the steel structure workshop can all be made in the processing plant, with a high level of modernization. The prefabricated component modules can be divided according to the transportation standard, and the middle of the modules are connected with anchor bolts on site, which is convenient and quick to install, and the amount of civil engineering is small.

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