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Enclosure, a landscape in the construction of urban civilization

by:Lida Group     2022-06-15

A colorful summer, a picturesque spring city. Walking on the streets of the city, I am delighted to find that some construction units have put the beautification concept of {construction site enclosure} into action, changing from the previous single blue or green color steel plate, using beautiful and culturally rich landscape enclosures, The public service advertisement enclosure makes the construction enclosure and the surrounding environment complement each other and integrate seamlessly. However, there are also some site enclosures with monotonous colors, cluttered content, and improper maintenance that are out of tune with the surrounding environment. How to make the construction site enclosure in the main urban area of u200bu200bour city become a 'cultural corridor'?

'A fence that is safe, beautiful, standardized, well-designed and cultured is one of the elements to show urban civilization. Although {construction site fence} is not in urban construction The key link is the 'facade' that reflects the level of refined management of the city. Each urban area and related departments can guide business enterprises to design and produce building enclosures that complement the local history and culture according to the regional history, culture and economic characteristics, forming one street and one product. , one fence and one scenery.

Building fences are used for urban construction and urban planning transition. However, in the social space of people's daily life, its social role has not been fully exerted. In the new era, urban construction should take people as the core, pay attention to the use of detailed space carriers in urban construction, and combine the socialist core values. Cultivate the needs and integrate the excellent traditional Chinese culture, social civilization concept, and urban development concept into the daily life of the general public. 'Clever material selection and design can make passers-by's eyes shine, and evoke historical memory, cultural experience and psychological experience of city image. , In the detailed interaction of social space, accept the influence of socialist core values u200bu200band Chinese characteristic culture.

'Advertising is done well, and it can be beautiful and cultural.' For those projects with a long construction or renovation period, the regulatory authorities may consider allowing construction units and advertisements In cooperation with the company, the advertising revenue brought by commercial operations can feed back the initial construction investment of {construction site enclosure}, which relieves the financial pressure of the construction unit to a certain extent. 'However, in terms of advertising design and content delivery, certain agreements and audits must also be made.'

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