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Engineering wall in the installation process should pay attention to?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
Engineering wall is to a safe execution of implementing traffic. Therefore, the project fence installation is very important link. Only this link to ensure, for later project enclosure to effectively implement quality, engineering fence in the installation process should pay attention to? A template installation: the supervision by the project department of technical department. Security personnel should check the security risks. The company's security services are not regular check, and immediately correct the problems in the template construction, in order to ensure construction safety. 2: must formwork support template and support during the installation process with effective anti-rotating temporary fixed facilities. Project department technical department should be according to the specific situation. 3: installing a fence installation engineering fence, upper and lower side should be with you. It is forbidden to throw. Model should not be on the door frame and window frame, the scaffold should not be on the model. It is forbidden to use mould typhoon framework and scaffolding. Platform integration. Four: template vertical when model vertical, when need special personnel unified signal, close cooperation, and improve in bulk in the process of ascension template, must be placed neatly. After binding security, it can be deleted. When there are five or more wind, stop everything. To improve the work. Five: assembly height assembly height is 2 m or higher vertical model, on the lower model assembly is prohibited. In the process of installing the upper template, the safety of the project department personnel to the actual situation, set up enough temporary fixed design, intermediate stops, the template should be in place. Safe repair. 6: pay attention to the construction project enclosure fence construction projects. And at the bottom of the upper wall is wrong. The bottom of the base brick is correct. Both sides of the base are equal. Check the shaft before return to wall and edge is correct. If the parts have been calibrated, the are not allowed to retract or exit moistureproof layer at the top of the edge.
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