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Equipment and technical problems of steel structure processing

by:Lida Group     2022-03-08

Equipment and technical problems of steel structure processing

The first thing to do in steel structure processing , confirming which part to do depends on whether you have the skills to do this project: construction personnel, that is, the software part: such as engineers (skills), riveters, electric, gas welders, hoists (if hoisting is required ), painters, general workers, the hardware part is the equipment, mainly welding machine, welding handle, welding handle wire, gas cutting table, belt, oxygen cylinder, acetylene cylinder are rented, distribution box, power cord, tent, Other small things, if you open a canteen, all the utensils for cooking.

Of course, the main software part of steel structure processing is your contacts with Party A, which is related to the final settlement of the project. Whether you need qualifications depends on the requirements of Party A. If Party A requires you to have construction qualifications and contract work and materials, then you have to bring qualifications. If you are subcontracting or contracting work but not materials, it is Party A. Even if you have the qualifications, you say you don't, because you don't need qualifications at all.

I. Quality of skills

1. When there is doubt about the steel, it should be sampled for re-inspection, as long as the test results reach Only when the rules of the national standard and the requirements of the technical documents are required, the steel structure processing can be adopted.

2. The steel ruler used for lofting must be checked by the unit of measurement and checked with the steel ruler used in civil engineering, installation and other related aspects.

3. When straightening with flame, the welding parts of the steel trademarks Q345, Q390, 35, 45 are not allowed to be cooled by water, and the steel structure processing must be in the natural state Cooled steel machining.

4. High-strength bolt holes and hole spacing must meet the standard requirements, which are directly related to the quality of the device.

5. The treated conflict surface should be properly maintained; natural rust, the general rusting period should not exceed 90 days, and the conflict surface should not be reused.

Second, safety measures

1. Conscientiously implement the safety operation procedures for various types of work.

2. Take leakage maintenance measures for electrical equipment to prevent electric shock.

3. Overload hoisting of the crane is prohibited.

4. When operating various types of work, wear labor maintenance supplies for steel structure processing.

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