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Explain for you in those years we all don't understand the big wave tank room

by:Lida Group     2020-10-26
Big wave box room is a big wave box, has the advantages of mobile, convenient in transportation and hoisting. The welding of steel structure, high intensity, effective wind shock is very safe. Also can make all sorts of modelling design, outer wall design and color is much, make its appearance is beautiful. The characteristics of the outer wall of steel with corrosion resistance to acid, guarantees the use fixed number of year for a long time. Low cost short time recycling etc advantages. A: the light steel structure system of container crane series of light steel structure system has been adopted, metope is a composite rock wool insulation panels. So the wall panels and accessories can be folded packaging, simple installation, long transportation no problem. 2: the factory prefabricated roofing ground circuit of the system are made by factory, to the scene of the installation is very convenient, so as to shorten the build time of the building. Three: shock due to the nature of light structure, an earthquake when in home, still can maintain good integrity. Four: large wave tank room can be as a whole, can be compressed package transportation. To save time and effort. Five: production at the scene of the amount of production quantity is small, as long as the transportation to the site can be used. 6: recycled big wave box room to realize recycling, use fixed number of year of 20 years, in the midst of this won't create any construction waste. Seven: waterproof big waves have the waterproof box room, for the airtight and watertight effectively enhanced. Eight: accessories box room at the time of the factory, big wave can be selectively added with rain loose, and so on decorative accessories.
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