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Explain to you the big wave box house that we didn't understand in those years

by:Lida Group     2022-11-22

The big wave box house is a kind of big wave box house, which has the advantage of being mobile and is convenient for transportation and hoisting. Among them, the welded steel structure has high strength, effective windproof and shockproof, and is very safe. It can also be made into various shapes, and the outer wall has many colors to make its appearance beautiful. The outer wall of the steel plate has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and acid resistance, which ensures a long service life. Low cost, short construction period, recycling and other advantages.

One: light steel structure system

The overall crane series of the container house adopts a light steel structure system, and the wall is made of composite rock wool insulation wall panels. All wall panels and accessories can be folded and packaged for easy installation and no problem for long-distance transportation.

Two: factory prefabrication

The roof and ground circuit system is prefabricated by the factory, which is very convenient and quick for on-site installation, thus shortening the time for building the house.

Three: Shockproof

Due to the characteristics of the lightweight structure, when the house encounters an earthquake, it can still maintain a good integrity.

Four: Transportation

The large wave box house can be transported as a whole, or it can be compressed and packaged for transport. save time and energy.

Five: production volume

The amount of on-site basic production is small, as long as it is transported to the site, it can be used.

Six: recycling

The big wave box house can be recycled, and the service life can reach 20 years, and no construction waste will be generated in it.

Seven: waterproof

The large wave box house is waterproof, which effectively enhances the airtightness and watertightness of the house.

Eight: Accessories

When the large wave box room leaves the factory, it can be optionally equipped with decorative accessories such as awnings.

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