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Explanation of the selection type of fence sub-area

by:Lida Group     2023-05-22
When choosing a construction site fence, the following factors need to be considered: Construction environment: It is necessary to choose fences and fences of different materials according to the different environments of the construction site. For example, steel fences are generally used for construction sites, while road construction Concrete spacer blocks etc. can also be used. Safety: The selected materials must have good safety and be able to protect pedestrians and vehicles around the construction site from being affected by the construction. Environmental protection: the materials used for enclosures need to meet environmental protection requirements to avoid pollution to the surrounding environment. Economy: Considering the cost issue, the choice of enclosure should be reasonably balanced according to actual needs and economic conditions. To sum up, when choosing fences, it is necessary to comprehensively consider safety, environmental protection and economy, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process and the safety protection of the surrounding environment. 1. The time listed in the table refers to the use time of the enclosure; 2. The uppercase English letters represent different types of enclosures, such as A is an assembled light steel enclosure. The numbers after the English letters are the codes of different forms in the enclosure of the same practice, such as A1 is the enclosure of the assembled square steel structure. 3. According to the 'Notice of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Adjusting the Limits for Construction Permits for House Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects', small works refer to“Housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects with a project investment of less than 1 million yuan (including 1 million yuan) or a construction area of ​​less than 500 square meters (including 500 square meters). Class A: Assembled light steel enclosure A1 Assembled square steel structure enclosure 1 (key area) A2 Assembled H-shaped steel structure enclosure (modern style) A3 Assembled H-shaped steel structure enclosure (traditional style) A4 Assembled piercing Metal plate enclosure (applicable to scenic spots) A5 Assembled temporary movable enclosure (less than half a year) A6 Permeable metal enclosure (requires a transparent area of ​​vision) B1: Three-dimensional green enclosure B 2: Simulation green plant enclosure Category C : Mobile fence C1 High water fence C2 Conventional water fence 1 C3 Conventional water fence 2 C4 Iron horse (or plastic) fence C5 Iron horse fence with perforated steel plates Note: (1) A3 can be selected for traditional historical blocks Type enclosure; A4-type enclosure can be used for scenic areas, mountain sides, watersides, and wind corridors in general areas. (2) The construction period is more than 1 month, and the A6 transparent metal enclosure is adopted in the area that does not affect the traffic management and requires a transparent view.
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