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Featured marketing programs frequently appear prefabricated housing market promotions are busy

by:Lida Group     2022-01-21

Although the 'May 1st' Golden Week has been shortened to three days, the huge market for concentrated consumption on 'May 1st' is still valued by many businesses. After visiting the prefabricated housing market in Quanzhou, the author found that in order to welcome the arrival of the festival, the major prefabricated housing market merchants in our city are all launching preferential promotions in different patterns, and the intensity and discounts are no less than the 'five' in previous years. Eleven'.

According to the author's understanding, several large-scale prefabricated housing markets and prefabricated houses such as Quanzhou Huazhou Home Improvement Market, Bu0026Q Prefab House Market, Jijia Home World, Shanghao Home World and Jiabo Garden Stores have launched vigorous promotional activities such as 'send coupons, cash back, price cuts, and gifts'. For the upcoming peak sales season, Quanzhou prefabricated housing prefabricated house industry's major stores have been in full swing to prepare for a new round of promotion war.

There are many preferential promotions around the holidays

Due to the development and competition of the entire prefabricated house industry, various forms of promotional activities during the festival are more and more important to businesses. The endless promotional activities will further benefit consumers, so that people have more choices when purchasing prefabricated houses. Discounts, profits, group purchases, advance compensation, distribution of cash coupons, after-sales cash back, shopping lottery and other promotional forms can all be found in the prefabricated prefab industry in Quanzhou, which will also allow consumers to get more benefits.

This year's 'May Day' is the 5th anniversary celebration of Bu0026Q's prefab housing market. When Yabu Stairs, Guanxiang Stairs, and Danish Fiona Wallpaper entered Bu0026Q, as well as the refurbishment and opening of Eagle Sanitary Ware and Wrigley Sanitary Ware, each of the five major merchants will have a mainstream prefab house product released. Therefore, Bu0026Q also called this event the 'April 5th Event'. It is reported that during the event, in order to cooperate with Bu0026Q's 'Fourth Five-Year Campaign, just waiting to give the door-to-door consumers a surprise.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Huazhou home improvement market, the Huazhou home improvement market will launch a cash coupon distribution event with a total value of 510,000 this year. Owners who need decoration (limited to Quanzhou area) make an appointment by telephone, that is, they have the opportunity to receive a gift package of decoration prefabricated houses presented by Huazhou Home Improvement Market. The total face value of each gift package is more than 2,000 yuan in cash. With the coupon, a total of 250 copies will be sent out, while supplies last. Different from the previous coupons, this cash coupon does not conflict with the 'May 1st' merchants' profit-giving promotions, that is, the coupons can still be used after the discount.

Not only the stores, but also many prefab houses have launched various discounts and low-priced products in order to occupy more market share. According to the author's understanding, TOTO's first sanitary ware buying festival will be held from April 25th to April 27th at Jijia·jia world on the third floor of Jinjiang SM Plaza. At that time, TOTO Bu0026Q store, Yungu store, and Huazhou store will also be carried out simultaneously. During the event, the lowest price of toilets is only 599 yuan per set (one set per household is limited), and the four-piece combination package of toilets (toilet, washbasin, basin faucet, shower faucet) is only 1999 yuan per set.

Monte Carlo wardrobes will also be on sale during the 'May Day' period. All owners who sign between April 25 and May 7 will enjoy the special price. In fact, last weekend, Fulin, Yongji and other brand wooden floor businesses have launched large-scale preferential promotions, and attracted many consumers to come to sign.

Merchants pay attention to special marketing

Various promotions during the festival also show the characteristics of homogeneity. Methods such as cashback, lottery, buy and send seem to be popular in major stores. can see. Some people in the industry pointed out that in order to make the 'holiday economy' such as 'May 1st' enter a benign track, it is necessary to get out of the misunderstanding of 'price war' and carry out characteristic and innovative marketing activities to cater to consumers' personalized and perceptual consumption. need.

The author found that the home improvement prefabricated house industry, which has experienced soaring demand for several years, is now in a stable and rational development stage. Market changes, the marketing model will strive to innovate, strive to attract consumers with more affordable prices and better services, and strive to win more customers. In this context, marketing models such as 'community marketing

For example, a single home improvement company has a light business, and it is bundled with the prefabricated house merchants such as wooden floors, cabinets, wooden doors, tiles, bathrooms, etc. It also attracts many merchants to provide customers with one-stop service and the lowest price concessions. Recently, this two-way and multi-directional cooperative marketing model has also been frequently staged in the home improvement prefab market.

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