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Fireproof container product advantage

by:Lida Group     2020-07-19
Fire live one container product advantage people from the beginning of the container, because people can't accept live one container as the concept of individual housing, most of the time living one container or used on construction site, used for temporary housing construction workers. Because the price is higher, for people basically left to rot, beginning of container until the lease out of 6 yuan a day for people container began to widely used on the construction site, a few short years, live in one container to start red great river north and south. Compared with central heating, can save resources, more than 1/2, adopt open mode 0 pressure heating, ensure the regulation of the nature of the room. Winter heating is not dry. Close, as long as the rent is 6 yuan/day, only 180 yuan a month for people type container is hangzhou quietly pop up, this case have 18 square size, door window, can mount the lights and air conditioning, much to live 10 people.

as living people promote the use of containers, container has the advantages of the living people, such as wind and earthquake resistant, durable, sealed waterproof feature makes live one container can adapt to a variety of different geography, can provide people with all kinds of different USES of houses.


1, strong and durable: full steel material, waterproof, windproof, anticorrosive. Fire prevention performance is strong, the compressive shock; 2, environmental protection and energy saving:

in the box, use does not produce any homework; Can be recycled for ten years, the environmental protection is more energy-saving. Small pollution to the environment, low resource consumption; 3, flexible combination: can use multiple containers in any combination of different shapes, different sizes of staff dormitory, office, temporary meeting room, dormitory, kitchen, toilet, etc. , and clinking. Construction period is short, design beautiful chic; 4, easy disassembling: the container for the overall structure, can transport to the destination with the crane, hoisting, in that day, remove the more simple and direct go to, the inside of the all life appliance can be a lifting. 5, convenient: use hoisting car can put the whole container at any time to any location you want. 6, is widely used in environmental protection public toilets, sanitation, light steel house, wood field construction, etc. ;
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