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First of all to pay more attention to is fire container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-14
, the first thing to note is the fire protection

now many of the site are the choice of this style, they should provide workers living, renamed the laboring-peasant economy applicable room, his price is very cheap, many sites have choose to use.

but use must first pay attention to the word of this kind of container trailer is fire, which so frequently attack strength to normal mobile home on fire, eventually to migrant workers formed a great loss.

the second is a new welding box trailer, this kind of welding type trailer, in recent years will be used in the match, is mainly used to director, his whole transformation of thought and the traditional container container house is very similar, so there is also known as container trailer, this kind of container house, specification container container to avoid relatively cheap, the overall transport device or move, will compare with lunch, of course there is one of the most main is his use of capital relatively lower a lot, life is relatively high energy beyond ten years, the investment return rate and so on are good options.

and the third is to be able to pick the trailer, the trailer between the first and the second, it is the use of the template, only needs to put them into a standard parts, ultimately to the device will be able to, the whole process is lunch, and it also can reduce the transport of capital.
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