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'First strong and then big' has become the development model of the prefabricated housing industry

by:Lida Group     2022-01-24

After a new round of industry reshuffle, the competition pattern of the prefabricated house industry has gradually become clear. In terms of overall characteristics, three forces have gradually emerged, namely, mature enterprises seeking transformation, cutting-edge elite enterprises, and start-up enterprises seeking survival. But in the era of disputes, who will become the main force of the future prefab house enterprises? One by one analysis, maybe we can find the answer. For mature and transformative enterprises, they are outstanding in terms of scale, strength and qualifications. The only disadvantage is how to seek innovative development models under the horn of the new era to break through their own development bottlenecks. At this point, businesses just fill the void. Although the market size of such enterprises is not large, their strength and innovation are no less than that of mature and transformative enterprises. The 'big and strong' line has become the development model of most enterprises. As we all know, most of the companies used to follow the 'big and strong' line, that is, to become bigger and then stronger. Such enterprises have now become mature and transformative enterprises. The whole market space is huge, so in order to seize the market first, many companies have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. In order to compete for resources in various fields, many companies have spread out their businesses to enter the field first. In addition, 'bigger first and then stronger' can also allow enterprises to achieve large-scale operation and reduce production costs. From this, this model seems attractive. 'Be stronger first, then bigger' has become a gradually emerging development model. Since this is the case, then the question arises, is this model still applicable? 'I don't think it is desirable. Times are different, and the industry structure is also very different.' Industry insiders explained. As a representative enterprise of cutting-edge elite enterprises, a certain enterprise has been trying to be different from the previous development model in order to conform to the current market pattern of fierce competition. This model is also a development model that is gradually emerging at present - first become stronger and then bigger. Some companies also said that refined products and high quality dealers are also characteristics of some companies. To become stronger first becomes the path chosen by this part of the enterprise. Industry insiders also believe that when the 'strong' reaches a certain level, the company will undergo qualitative changes, and then continue to grow, truly achieving 'strong and big'. Nowadays, some companies continue to expand their scale in the market with strong strength, and the development trend fiery.

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