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General rules for calculating the area of u200bu200ba prefab

by:Lida Group     2022-02-19

General calculation rules for the area of u200bu200bprefabricated houses

The prefabricated houses adopt modular design standards, and the length and width are replaced by 'K1.82 meters. The height is represented by 'PHowever, the standard prefab house calculation generally does not calculate the height, and the calculation method related to the prefab house is as follows:

Length: 1Ku003d1.82 meters (excluding columns)

Total area u003d length × width area of u200bu200baisle awning

Calculation formula of double-slope roof house:

1. Indoor area: [(K number in the length direction × 1.82 0.16) × (K number in the width direction × 1.82 0.16)] ×2

2 .Area of u200bu200bawning: 1/2×1(m)×(K number in length direction×1.82 0.16)

3.Aisle area: 1(m)×(Length direction K number × 1.82 0.16)

4. Stair area: (one side) 1 staircase u003d 4.5 (㎡), (both sides) 2 stairs u003d 9 (㎡)


Total area u003d 1 2 3 4

Parts to pay attention to:

1. Outdoor walkway: The natural layer projection of the walkway, the width is 1 meter, and the length is the side length of the outer wall.

2. Outdoor stairs: The area of u200bu200bthe outdoor stairs is calculated according to the sum of the projected area of u200bu200bthe natural floor. The area of u200bu200beach staircase in the double-storey board house is 4.5 square meters.

3. Outdoor canopy: The canopy of the board house is calculated as half of the horizontal projected area. The size of the awning can be divided into two types, one is the awning with a horizontal projection width of 1 meter. The second is the awning with a horizontal projection width of 1.2 meters.

4. The roof of the prefab house is generally not used as a separate area for calculation.

5. The board projecting out of the wall does not count the construction area of u200bu200bthe prefab.

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