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Heat preservation of mobile home let you no longer afraid of the cold wind and rain Trailer, prefabricated houses, houses

by:Lida Group     2020-11-04
When it comes to winter, you might think of snowflakes, cold wind, cotton-padded clothes, quilts. In winter, a lot of friends want to give their all bundled up and honest, don't let yourself by a little cool, but to live in prefabricated houses can easily move, you will feel a twinge of chill from his back? Light steel housing system co. , LTD, foshan city, don't worry, according to the features of the temperature of the cold weather and everyone afraid cold developed an able to heat preservation prefabricated houses, let you live here wouldn't feel the cold wind and rain. Mobile USES is with heat preservation thermal insulation material mainly glass fiber cotton as the main raw material, have very good heat preservation and heat insulation effect. For external wall insulation board, effectively avoid the wall & other; Cold bridge & throughout; Phenomenon, so as to achieve better heat preservation effect, about 100 mm thick R15 heat preservation cotton thermal resistance can be equivalent to 1 m thick brick wall. For more detailed information about the guangdong mobile home, welcome you to visit our website WWW.
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