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Heavenly things dry, be careful of fire, fire - note prefabricated housing in the fall of the Prefabricated houses, prefabricated houses, houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-13
Autumn, like a paper tiger, it is a great person's skin to become dry, wrinkled skin can be seen everywhere, also, in the dry season, the fire is everywhere, light steel housing system co. , LTD, foshan city, today in here to share with you how to fire on prefabricated houses. Before the fire first need to do it: the first point: seriously implement the responsibility system for fire control safety, strengthen the fire control safety consciousness, the user to do a good job in fire safety training to improve the protection consciousness. The second point: when you will shack as dormitory, doors and Windows should be open to the outside, and the bed put also don't need too dense, should secure channel. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, and installation of indoor fire hydrant, to ensure that the water flow and pressure reaches a certain requirements. The third point: electrical circuit laying need to meet the requirements of the specification all wires should be Ming fu, and set on fire. Lamps and lanterns with walls need to keep the security forces. Lighting fluorescent lamp use electronic ballast type, had better not use the coil inductance ballasts. When the wire through the caigang sandwich wall plate, need non-combustible can set. Each house also need to install the qualified electrical leakage protection device with short circuit overload switch. Fourth, strengthen the daily fire safety management of prefabricated houses, houses had better not use high-power electrical appliances, when leaving the room need timely break all power, don't use naked light in the room, banned the prefabricated houses as the kitchen, transformer room, inflammable and explosive goods warehouse. Want to know more detailed information about the prefabricated houses, you are welcome to visit our website WWW.
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