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Henryda container house - you deserve it

by:Lida Group     2023-01-29



As can be seen from the name of the resident container, it can be moved as a container. Therefore, it has two construction methods. One is on-site composition where it needs to be built, and the other is after the manufacturer first designs and builds, and then moves as a whole by some means of transportation such as cranes. Currently, few previous methods exist. After all, the manpower, material and financial resources for on-site installation are more than consumed, but it is a residential container that has already been installed and needs to be moved a little distance. This approach works well. For the production of residential containers, at present, factory assembly and full container hoisting are basically adopted. According to the selection of raw materials, residential containers can be divided into iron boxes and white boxes: the assembly is mainly to weld the channel steel into the skeleton, and then insert products such as flame-retardant materials into the reserved grooves of the skeleton.

In the temporary housing industry, mobile homes are the most commonly used. Although it is a temporary house, in order to ensure the safety of personnel, we have very strict control on the quality of living containers. If this level is not done well, the structure will be deformed and the collapse accident will be worth most consumers. Therefore, the Cabinet Group stipulates that in the process of container production and installation, there must be a certain standardization to ensure the safety of the container. As a house, its safety accidents mainly occur in two aspects: mainly house collapse and house fire, which are currently the most dangerous accidents in house accidents. There are relatively few cases of houses collapsing due to poor quality materials used during construction. As a group company, we strictly control this aspect. Raw materials are collectively sourced across all branches to eliminate shoddy work and materials. Another type of fire protection is one that we consider to require special attention. Therefore, in the selection of materials, good flame-retardant materials should be selected, such as glass wool, rock wool, A-class fire-resistant foam, etc., and the corresponding design must be carried out in accordance with fire-proof regulations during the production process.

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