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Houses warm prompt: the preventive maintenance, caigang trailer - give you comfortable accommodation Houses and prefabricated houses price, mobile home

by:Lida Group     2020-11-01
Caigang prefabricated house is one of the prefabricated houses, it is a recently developed a new type of houses, because it can move, give some site or other people brought a lot of convenience, guangzhou houses here today with you about how to maintain good caigang prefabricated houses, to give you a comfortable environment. Maintain a: light steel structure is in 1 - best 2 years maintenance paint again, to prolong the life of the product and keep beautiful. Maintain 2: caigang steel structures in the whole building connections in prefabricated houses, users in the electric lighting equipment, wire and it is best not to direct binding on steel structure, should be no line pipe or a trough isolation installation, mainly to avoid electric shock. Maintenance 3: caigang prefabricated houses after the installation complete, users do not change the structure, do not remove any bolt structure, also do not increase or decrease partition, if need to change the need to negotiate with the professional factory, through a unified requirements before they can make changes. For more detailed information about the guangzhou housing, welcome you to visit our website WWW.
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