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How about Lida Group service team?
The service team is also one of the important parts of Lida Group. It is established to fulfill customer demands, including question answering, problems tackling, shipment arrangement, logistic tracking, and so on. The service team is made of several proficient after-markets talents, who are endowed with years of experience in the service segment as well as export business. Their dedication to detail, patience, clear communication skills, time management skills, and goal-oriented focus together deliver smooth customer experience and promote business growth.

Lida Group is known for the stable quality poultry farm house. The glass green house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product features scratch resistance. It is able to effectively resist scratches even from sharp objects such as razor blades. It is able to undergo extremely high and cold temperatures. Lida Group is one of biggest company to produce high quality prefabricated house. Even applied in tough conditions, this product has an anti-deformation property.

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