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How about sales of converted shipping container house of Lida Group?
Container house of Lida Group, as one of the main products in a series of itself, we strengthen its function and advanced performance as what we published in the new product introduction. We highlight the advantages of this product to attract the customers’ eyes and expand our market. Luckily, according to our sale data analysis, the sales have already been beyond our exception since it faced the customer. It has achieved a stable market and widely been recognized by customers in many countries and regions around the world.

Lida Group has a wealth of experience in producing prefab houses and is committed to providing the highest quality products. The prefabricated house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The raw materials used in Lida Group steel villa is totally improved, which is different from traditional ones. This product has the advantage of excellent sealability. our company will provide a set of feasible solution for poultry farm house. This product features a stable structure, which is not easy to collapse.

our company has the spirit of 'commitment to build the first brand prefab houses'. Check it!
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