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How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
Please contact Customer Service of Lida Group to see if there is a Minimum Order Value for your project. The minimum order value is the monetary value specified by manufacturers. It tends to fluctuate depending on the season, or the number of orders we are currently working on. Keep in mind that many suppliers that require below the average minimum order value are not actual manufacturers, but trading companies or wholesalers. These products are usually “off the shelf” and are usually produced for the Chinese domestic market. Therefore, “Low MOV” products may do not meet US, EU or Australian product safety standards and labeling requirements.

Lida Group aims to firmly establish the company's leading position in the industry. The steel structure building is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product features good deformation resistance. When a sufficient load from a machine is applied to it, it will not happen to change shapes. It is strong enough and can stand up to 100/km per hour strong wind. The quality of steel structure building can be guaranteed through prefabricated steel buildings. This product is not prone to the effects of white ants.

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