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How autumn anti-corrosion measures of container trailer do

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
How autumn of container house do anti-corrosion measures

the coming of autumn, the harvest season, also bodes but you busy with happy, forget about container house anticorrosive measures, how should we do? Here we introduce several kinds of anti-corrosion measures for everyone.

1, hot-dip zinc:

hot-dip zinc production high degree of industrialization, durable life of long, its quality is stable. As a result, a large number of used in the atmospheric corrosion is serious and difficult maintenance of outdoor steel structure. In recent years a large number of the pressed steel sheet of light steel structure system, etc. More also adopts hot-dip zinc corrosion. Hot dip zinc is the first working procedure pickling, and then is clean. Both procedure does not completely to corrosion resistance. So must be dealt with thoroughly. For steel structure designer, should avoid design phase of the joint components, in order to avoid the joint surface crack in the pickling incomplete or acid wash not clean. Galvanized surface flow including yellow phenomenon. Hot dipped zinc was conducted at high temperatures.

2, coating method:

high quality coating depends on thorough cleaning, commonly used fluorocarbon coatings, anti-corrosion life even for 50 years. So for indoor steel structure or outdoor steel structure is more relatively easy to maintain. It is a low cost, but when used in outdoor maintenance cost is higher. The first step is to rust removing coating method of construction. So demanding coating generally use sand blasting derusting, showing the luster of the metal, remove all the rust and oil pollution.

site construction coating available manual derusting. The choice of coating should be consider the surrounding environment. Different coating have different tolerance to different corrosion conditions. Coating construction must have the proper temperature and humidity. Less dust coating construction environment, the component surface there can be no condensation. 4 hours after coating must not get wet in the rain. Coating generally do 4 - — 5 times. At the beach or sea or in a strong corrosive atmosphere, total dry film thickness can be upset.

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