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How can container prefabs develop sustainably

by:Lida Group     2022-02-15

Converting containers into houses is a very popular move nowadays and advocates energy saving and environmental protection, but there are still many questions about the sustainable development of such houses:

① Most of the existing container converted houses are It tends to be regular and rigid and uniform in shape. It is nothing more than the repeated accumulation of container modules. Too many such houses will not play a role in the beautification of the city, nor will it attract more people to buy it. Even if it is cheap, more people are still very pursuit of individuality. Although some architects have carried out innovative designs for the renovated container house, they are still limited to the single building they want to design. No one has made a better practical summary of this type of building, so that people can know how to reasonably combine the container modules. to achieve the architectural style that you are satisfied with.

② The low cost of the remodeled container house can indeed alleviate the pressure brought by high housing prices, but there is no relevant specification to ensure its safety. Accepted, but it is still difficult to be reassuring to use as a civil building.

③ At present, the safety of most of the famous container renovation buildings in the world still cannot be reasonably verified, which is related to the special structural form of the container. Even the Fre-itag flagship store, the world's tallest shipping container building, is still being debated over its safety.

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