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How can I have a cozy container dormitory? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
The use of container house is very common, if you want a nice container dormitory, how to layout decoration design? Layout of electricity lighting lamps and lanterns, cable can not immediately strapping on a steel frame structure, the need for line pipe or bridge protection installation, to prevent electric shock accident. If be to traditional building function ( Such as: characteristics of huge living room, a small study, activities, etc. ) Galvanized one container, and appropriate selection of explosion-proof glass hollow glass roof, and equipped with appropriate special hollow glass panoramic roof, with broken bridge aluminum hollow glass or aluminum BaoMu composite hollow glass Windows for near the application of maintenance of goods still need to configure special shade curtain, awning, anti-theft products such as screen window. If room area is very big, especially single-family villas project construction, is mainly used to winter leisure entertainment, sports fitness, growing flowers, etc. , should be selected in the roof to open in the overall movement choi steel prefabricated houses. The prefabricated house is not easy to have heat preservation and heat insulation board class choi steel prefabricated house poor light, fixed glass daylighting top class prefabricated house problem of high temperature in summer. If caigang mobile key is built to plant trees and flowers in the winter, may dictate the precise measurement of the containers to have good living people, moderate sunlight, appropriate USES near model steel window for maintenance, laminated glass roof and have a large panoramic sunroof choi steel prefabricated houses. This way the trailer price low, but the summer is to be equipped with sunshade shade. If because of the residential area is small, for extended life household, building prefabricated houses private provision high economic development level is low can pick on heat preservation and heat insulation board roof, model steel window and adiabatic wall near a maintenance products. This product is not harsh on the actual meaning of container house, but the price is cheap, cost-effective. Defect is the difference in light, often of natural ventilation. If it is a great improvement and blank.
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