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How do mobile house manufacturers realize anti-corrosion of mobile houses

by:Lida Group     2022-02-19

How do mobile home manufacturers achieve anti-corrosion of mobile homes

Some small partners will find that the periphery of other people's mobile homes has always been durable, what is the situation? Regarding the anti-corrosion of container houses, the following points need to be followed to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. The following mobile house manufacturers will share:

1. Coating method: This method is usually used for The indoor steel structure of the container house is not resistant to high temperature because it is painted on the outside of the mobile house, so the anti-corrosion effect cannot achieve a good effect. However, its advantage is that the quotation cost is low, and it is suitable for large-scale indoor coating anti-corrosion applications.

2. Thermal spray aluminum (zinc) composite coating method: This anti-corrosion method has a very good anti-corrosion performance compared to the coating method, and it has a great impact on the construction scale of the movable room. It has strong adaptability and will not deform under high temperature conditions. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor anti-corrosion applications.

3. In the later use, it should be stored in a clean and tidy environment to avoid the color steel plate being affected by the environment. The ground of the eroded storage site of various corrosive media should be flat, free of hard objects and have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

The four other types of container house color steel plates for anti-corrosion should be placed on rubber pads, skids, brackets and other devices, and the strap locks should be facing up, not directly. Placed on the ground or on the means of transport, the fifth steel plate should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor environment, avoiding open storage and storage in places prone to condensation and large temperature differences.

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