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How effective container trailer except formaldehyde method

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
How effective container house except formaldehyde method manufacturing container house, customized container room, room in one container, fireproof container room, fire one container, container office, the container house is for rent, sales! Small make up today to talk about how effective container house except formaldehyde method? 1. Open a window ventilated, the most effective, most, so that we can guarantee the indoor air flow, not only can the box-type redundant formaldehyde volatile out inside the room, can also reduce the products containing volatile organic pollutants, and annoying second-hand smoke, and so on.

2。 If your chamber room equipped with kitchen, you can also start the lampblack machine, auxiliary open a window ventilated, in addition to the habit of keep ventilated, can also use the physical adsorption technology to absorb indoor formaldehyde.

when decorating a box room, a lot of people love to use man-made board, building materials so cheap, durable, is very popular, however, a lot of man-made board will have free formaldehyde of floating in the air. Therefore, for this kind of material, we should also be careful, can be sprayed at home some formaldehyde scavenger or formaldehyde capture agent to deal with. Live one container of welding in the process of making good method: welding arc length, welding of ordinary steel, with 2 ~ 4 mm is better, and when the welding stainless steel, with 1 ~ 3 mm is better, too long is bad protection effect. To prevent welding porosity appear, welding parts such as rust, oil, etc. Be sure to clean up. When welding chamber room, should use vertical external characteristic of power supply, dc when using normal polarity ( Wire connect cathode) To ensure weld forming has the characteristics of aesthetics, the welding characteristics of small deformation. Best to use the purity of 99. 99% of argon as shielding gas, cooperate with the welding work of chamber room, when the welding current is 50 ~ 150 a, argon gas flow is 8 ~ 10 l/min, when the current is 150 ~ 250 a, argon gas flow is 12 ~ 15 l/min.
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