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How is the price of steel structure reinforced?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-08

How is the price of steel structure reinforced?

The price of steel structure is quite familiar to everyone. Because the steel structure itself is very strong, many manufacturers will use steel structure engineering when building factories. It is particularly important to strengthen the steel structure in the steel structure engineering. Today, the editor will tell you about several methods of strengthening steel structures. If you are interested, let’s learn about them together.

1. Common steel structure reinforcement methods:

Reinforcement with load. The construction is very convenient and more economical. It is used when the stress of the component (or connection) is less than 80% of the design strength of the steel, or when the component is not significantly damaged (broken, deformed, warped, etc.). At this time, in order to make the new reinforced rod participate in the force, sometimes it is necessary to take temporary unloading measures for the reinforced rod. In addition, care should be taken not to affect the normal use of the steel structure price of other components during reinforcement.

Steel structure price foundation reinforcement proposes to remove the parts that should be reinforced or updated from the original structure. When the structure is seriously damaged or the bearing capacity of the original section is too small, it must be reinforced or updated on the ground. Temporary supports must be provided to completely unload the replaced components; at the same time, the safety of the entire structure must be guaranteed after the replaced structure is removed. Adding or strengthening the support system is also an effective way to strengthen the structural system.

Second, the specific steel structure reinforcement details Conducive to strengthening technical requirements and considering existing defects and damages. The reinforcement of steel structure engineering needs to be based on the actual situation. In many cases, different parts have different quality requirements for reinforcement, so steel structure engineering should choose appropriate reinforcement methods for reinforcement of different parts.

3. Repair and reinforcement of cracks When manufacturing, construction and installation are improper, crack damage with expansibility or brittle fracture tendency occurs, try to repair it. Due to the pressure of different loads, many steel components of steel structure projects are damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, steel structure projects can replace the damaged steel components, and then reinforce them to improve the overall structure of the steel structure project. Quality steel structure price.

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