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How long is the service life of the container house

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
How long is the service life of the container house

container is a convenient tool, it can play a role in many aspects, for example as the tool of transportation load, or building a house. Great convenience but at the same time, not only has caused a lot of people think, the life of the container house how many, the problem will undoubtedly has become a want to choose this product one of the problems of reference.

about 'live one container how long service life' of this problem, the material good container buildings use 30 years is no problem, bad quality of life is 5 years or so. For example: the site is the most common use of container area, site for people simple and convenient container house, for housing decoration, comfortable is not much demand. Only need is windshield rain, sleep at night. Under the condition of the container house is one of the shortest life, five years, will be more and more old.

before understand living the life of the container house, should first comprehensive understanding divided into what type of container.

site of container houses there are two broad categories:

category are common on the market of container is 6 yuan a day. The white color steel plate as wall panel, roof panel, with channel steel, square steel welded frame. Each house size is 18 square meters. Do manual work is relatively simple, also need not decorate. This kind of container house is in commonly 3 - service life Five years, with longer time, the container's doors and Windows, window handles, will appear different degrees of damage.

category is appearance and shipping containers similar corrugated tin trunk. Is mostly to workers at the construction site materials used, generally USES A grade rock wool fire, life is in commonly 7, 8 years or so.

container housing material has good, naturally, there is a bad material, some good material with more sophisticated workmanship, container house use life really can be up to 30 years. So container house life how many years and the relationship between a material and the way of work will have inseparable.

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