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How maintenance and anti-water package box room

by:Lida Group     2020-06-27
How the package box housing maintenance and anti-water for container house during the period of construction, completes the leakproof rain water is very important, the container has a close relationship with room in the later use the experience of the problem. Small make up for how to container house leak prevention measures, the following points are summarized. Package box housing maintenance: how to prevent leak in the first place, in the process of design of container room, according to local actual condition, climate condition, etc. , design scheme, Such as the north and the differences and local soil conditions, etc. ) 。 Second, in the process of container manufacturing, for some it's easy to have a problem, you first need to many arguments, make simple and reasonable structure of the container house as far as possible can, waterproof effect is also very good. Third, for the container housing materials, we also need to combined with the current climate and foreign advanced technology experience, choose the most suitable material for the container room. Finally, in the concrete production, for leakage hidden trouble, concealed facilities for construction personnel training, to ensure foolproof. For the container house, leak leakage is a can't ignore the problem, hope the above experience will help all of related industries to avoid problems. Container houses because of its special material, heavy use of metal components, therefore in the process of using it is necessary to do daily maintenance: first of all, pay attention to the container is three: rust and corrosion protection, prevent leakage. According to the different use of the environment, climate difference is different, the corrosion situation of the container is different, and each container room manufacturer of paint technology also advantages and disadvantages. Some containers have rusting in less than a year, so first purchase container room is going to clear the container when room is how to deal with metallic paint manufacturers, derusting, oxidation treatment, primer, paint has the strict specification, the metal surface paint properly handled, can maximum limit prolong the service life of container house. In addition every once in a year or two, to carefully observe whether container the surface of the steel structure part is peeling paint, such as found to fill paint processing immediately. Leak package box housing maintenance: how to prevent the corrosion is mainly in container surrounding environment and do not use corrosive serious chemicals in container inside, regular inspection of container room doors and Windows, seam and roof if there's any loss, damage, found that should be handled in a timely manner to fill glue, etc. Second, pay attention to electrical use of container house, every few months to inspect the house, to avoid electrical wires, electrical problems, cause the container short circuit and fire. Third, the container wall body to take care of, don't apply gravity, lest damage within the container wall thermal insulation material, cause the container house heat preservation and heat insulation performance.
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