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How many kinds of way of loading and unloading of containers can take?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-24
The use of containers in our country, more and more high, its use efficiency is commercially produced. In many transportation and commercial street and construction project has its figure, ACTS as a means of transport, commercial room, living people. In this simple way to understand container can take many kinds of loading and unloading? One: slide the application way of drag in the process of handling container order will make the springboard ship barge and tug ocean transportation, and this kind of way suitable for sea transport, because this type of preparation in advance is very complex and important, so this kind of way of processing scheme was prepared in advance. Must do a good job in work, handling of shipping containers? 吗? O construction team accurately grasp the tide and barge characteristics. 2: this kind of fork road container order handling process is the key feature of the application of appropriate delivery of all technology professional electric forklift truck crane, which prompted shipping container transport is more efficient and security, can be used to international ocean shipping, and chooses this kind of electric lift trucks in the way. For loading and unloading. Not considering the conditions, the structure of the terminal does not need to shop cableway and install the drag anchor pieces, the vessels of the loading and unloading fall has more harm. Three: hybrid sliding fork hybrid sliding fork is drag way and the front fork type composition. This kind of way to crane smooth, because of its front fork too short and not forks immediately expand to the landside can be drag supporting point of the beam. Only after moving must spacing can begin handling, and high performance/price ratio, and the vast majority of the economic development of container customized uninstall most to drag method and fork installed, it must be installed drag brace to keep vessels can complete loading and unloading handling.
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