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How many money a container house price

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
Container house price is how much money a

in recent years, the construction market in our country there is a new way of living, this is the container houses. Mainly for the foreign workers living, working is a kind of prefabricated houses and its price is cheaper, we'll give you answer today the container how much is a room.

container house price is related to many factors, such as the material used by container trailer, container house interior, as well as place to buy container prefabricated houses, etc. Houses will determine the quality of the material, and later use fixed number of year, and so on. Generally speaking, in the construction site to the workers living container house price in 8000 yuan to 10000 yuan between. There are two kinds of material, one kind is choi steel as wallboard, channel steel square steel welded steel frame, such container trailer, most is leasing, in a few years ago from the south to the north, many construction sites in this container housing for the workers live, lease rent is six yuan every day. This container houses are to a large extent, solve the construction site, use of prefabricated housing materials wasted money to use big defects.

if you give the workers structures, prefabricated houses, the need to make the foundation, later also need to connect water and electricity, the house also need inside condole top, container house I solved the problem, however, customers only need to pay the rent of 10000 yuan, in pay, the cost of transportation, can live in such house soon, dispense with the decoration. While waiting for the site completed, can return the container. There is also a container of all steel structure housing, its shape similar to the shipping container, the wall has a sandwich rock wool, usually on the construction site is blue, live, the length of the container is usually six meters, width of 3 meters, inside can put five, upper and lower the price is in eight thousand yuan or so, the good quality of, of course, 12000.

as the container house manufacturers more and more, these years of container house price decreased a lot. in the beginning, so that each is in 10000 yuan of above, products in short supply, in recent years, many mobile welding workers turned, no longer work. Himself opened the container house plants. Now the situation is every thing, probably has 20 or 30 engaged in container house welding manufacturers. When to buy container houses, nor at the price. We all know that good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good container house also is such, are blue tin container price in six thousand yuan, the quality has been greatly than in previous years. This is because many construction sites in choosing a container, they don't care about the quality of the container house, or value of the container house prices. Some manufacturer to cater to customers build market rate, at greatly reduced costs, the use of container trailer material not as good as before. Such as container corrugated board thickness, the steel thickness of the container. Container houses up and down beam to the root of the number of frames, doors and Windows in the container quality, internal decoration use floor, lighting, socket, the province's local province. In so doing, the factory will have some profit.

there is a kind of upscale container houses on the market, such as container houses, only 'big embedded in some of the domestic enterprises can only be willing to part with or use money to buy. Generally used as a construction site of the project department, the container house is really strong. No matter from the container the steel frame of the building, interior wall panel, horizontal can reach the international level, the price is as high as 25000 yuan of above. Container house prices and place also have relations. There are a lot of manufacturers are producing container houses, large enterprises and small roadside olympuses, the workers as long as the welding, does not need high technology, you can do it, more manufacturers, container house prices will specify cheap, another point is that if local raw materials suppliers have container. Then in a container houses, production cost will reduce, in tianjin, for example, and other places, have a large supply of steel enterprises, steel plate, color graphics, channel, Angle steel, etc. , the supply is very large. In some inland areas, such as shaanxi, gansu, Tibet, xinjiang and other places, there is no container of raw materials, mostly from the north, or coastal, steel wholesale market of transportation in the past, there are also less engaged in container house welding, so each container house prices, a much higher and no wonder.

if for the appearance of the container housing demand is not high, can satisfy the daily living can, you can choose a second-hand container trailer. As long as the doors and Windows in the house in good condition, no leakage, no leak is also possible. Second-hand container house price is too low, $2000 could buy one.

all in all, when to buy container house, should choose a few more container trailer manufacturers, the same price to shop around.

class, buy what some container appearance, but inside there is no thermal insulation layer, the price difference is very big. A cheap, 5000 yuan, you 15000 yuan.

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