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How mobile security through the temporary life - How mobile security through the temporary life

by:Lida Group     2020-10-30
Guangdong mobile is a convenience of makeshift equipment, to the disaster area is large, with the constant innovation of guangdong mobile, now has a very wide range of USES, because of wide use range, frequent fire or accidents such as collapse, this news I believe you also often see. The main reason is that some users use process failure to observe the safety regulations. Although it is temporary use, each user also hope oneself can safely through, basically abide by the following rules, generally is not an accident. ( 1) It is strictly prohibited to use naked light in prefabricated houses. ( 2) Double layer or three layer of prefabricated houses aisle for fire escape stairs are strictly prohibited to pile up sundry. ( 3) Prefabricated housing security performance is poor, keep valuables themselves. ( 4) Pay attention to the trailer ventilated breathe freely and cooling purposes. ( 5) Trailer wood plywood are strictly prohibited under water for a long time. ( 6) Electrical appliances should install overload protector. ( 7) Check the maintenance of circuit system, prevent fire caused by short circuit. ( 8) If found trailer bending of steel structure deformation, please timely and precise contact for replacement maintenance. Learn more information about the safety of guangdong mobile for details, please login: WWW.
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