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How much do you know about the kinds of houses, houses? - Shack, trailer, houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-19
Houses there are many kinds of common cement houses, phosphorus, magnesium, caigang shack, bamboo weaving, barracks and temporary houses, etc. , guangdong shack is light steel skeleton, sandwich board material for retaining a boarding house. Houses built without traditional houses to complex, can be simple and fast to assemble and disassemble, is temporary buildings which have distinctive features. So the question comes, shack you know how much? To know how many? Interested friends come to know. Cement houses applicable to a variety of construction sites for migrant workers dormitory office. Can also be used for ceiling and layer, all kinds of warehouse, etc. Phosphorus magnesium houses according to user requirements design structures, different room, the construction unit is suitable for temporary occupancy. Caigang shack choi steel structure building belong to light steel structure, the wall is made of color steel plate with wrapping polyethylene foam sandwich composite panels of the specifications of the product size, space interval can according to need to use cycle heat preservation and heat insulation for up to 10 ~ 20 years, beautiful generous, indoor decorate condole carries on the processing. Wooden board partition into a room or building with boards humble home. Temporary office, conference room, headquarters of temporary houses, dormitories and temporary stores, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, temporary parking area, temporary exhibition hall, temporary maintenance, temporary filling stations, etc. The above is of guangdong houses to share information; Want to know more details, please login our official website: http://www. /cpzs/
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